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Cavell Meadows Hike - 2013

  1. Cavell Lake and Glaceir

    A view of Cavell Lake a Glacier at the first view point from the parking lot.

  2. Cavell Glacier

    Cavell Glacier with bands of sediment shown in the ice.

  3. Angel Glacier

    Angel Glacier hangs above lake Cavell.

  4. Angel Glacier

    Sounds ice calving into the lake can be heard through out the hike.

  5. Angel Glacier

  6. Marmot

    Marmots can be seen hiding in the lateral moraines

  7. Marmot

  8. Mt Edith Cavell

  9. Cavell Meadows Trail

    A view looking back towards the parking lot.

  10. Cavell Glacier

    A view of Cavell Glacier from the meadows.

  11. Mt Edith Cavell

    A panoramic view of Mt Edith Cavell, Cavell, Angel Glacier and Cavell Lake.